USB SHOE for Raspberry Pi Zero

USB SHOE for Raspberry Pi Zero gives you Wi-Fi through USB ports without solder anything and keeping the dimensions of the Zero. It comes with 2 with the female standard and one microUSB to keep compatibility with the Zero accessories (this latter also allows to supply to the entire system).

Video on the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter:

Installation is extremely simple: screw the included screws and power the Raspberry Pi with the normal power source.


  • 1x USB port for devices with a small casing (typically a Wi-Fi dongle or Bluetooth)
  • 1x lateral USB port for any size of connector
  • 1x microUSB port (can be used for power or to data)
  • The 3 USB ports are 2.0
  • 1mA in standby and less than 50mA in suspension
  • Approximate peak consumption 90mA (excluding the consumption of USB devices attached)
  • No installation or driver is required
  • Nylon standoffs and screws are included

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a low power consumption device, but each USB attached to it will increase the consumption, use an appropriate power source to connected peripherals. For example a Wi-Fi dongle with a USB memory attached will work correctly with a 5V and 1 Ampere (this values are very common on smartphone chargers).

For the internal USB is recommended devices with a width less than 16mm (to a maximun of 19mm) and doesn’t overhangs 10mm from the border of the USB connector.

Never connect/disconnect the board when connected to a power source (the USB devices can be disconnected as usual, the manufacturer of your USB will explain how to do it).

Please note, this device use the Zero’s USB (labeled as “USB”) so it can not be used while USB SHOE is connected. We recommend to power the entire system through the USB SHOE using the microUSB port (power using the “PWR IN” is also allowed).

Installation Manual

(PDF, 372KiB)
Also available the direct download of the manual.

USB SHOE v1.2 connected to a RasPi Zero 1.2
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