ArduPRENDE with Green Breadboard

ArduPRENDE is the gateway to Arduino environment. It comes in an Arduino SHIELD form.

Detail to ArduPRENDE componentsIt’s a circuit that is connected to an Arduino and allows a fast learning on programming and handling typical inputs and outputs of electronics devices. ArduPRENDE is the ideal solution for people who would like to learn more about embebed systems.

A complete instruction manual witch gives you the basics on programming and electronics: inputs (LED, buzzer) and outputs (buttons, light sensor).

ArduPRENDE includes all necessary components to work, your only need is a computer with Arduino IDE installed and a free USB port. If you already own an Arduino Uno we also have a version without it, but the normal version includes a compatible Arduino Uno R3.

  • ArduPRENDE Contents

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  • Kit contents

    • Arduino Uno R3 compatible
    • 2 buttons (digital input)
    • 2 LED: green and yellow (digital output)
    • 1 LED RGB (PWM, “analog” output)
    • 1 Buzzer (with a jumper to disable it)
    • 1 Mini breadboard for extend possibilities
    • 1 Through-hole LED with resistor
    • 1 Photoresistor (also known as LDR)
    • 6 Jumper wire (M/M) for the breadboard
    • 7 free PIN for the power (5V and GND)
    • 6 free analog PIN for use on breadboard (and I²C)
    • 7 digital PIN that include serial port and SPI

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