Turnkey Projects

This service line frees the client from the workload because it receives a 100% finished product accompanied by its complete documentation.

It is equivalent to want to write on a computer and have 2 alternatives:

  • Create a “Keyboard Department” and develop it internally.
  • Or buy one, take it out of the box and plug the USB port.

In both situations you have a working keyboard, but in our opinion: Second alternative is the best one.

As Diableco’s know-how is available from the beginning the design and development is made more agile allowing optimize resources and speed up time to market.

Phases for a Turn Key Project

  1. The client have a problem and want to solve it but it does not have the technological capability to solve it.
  2. There is no needed technical data on the first meeting: the meeting will be precisely to establish the technical requirements with our help.
  3. With the established requirements a proposal is made, it includes a solution to initial problem and is accompanied by a work plan (and of course the the budget).
  4. Design, development tests and certifications.
  5. Deliver (and where necessary, installation at the customer’s site) of electronic material.
  6. All technical documentation is delivered.

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