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Educational Products

  • Furacos

    Detail to Furacos Main board with 1 GVS cable

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    A complete platform oriented to the teaching of STEM disciplines. It is based on modules called “ladrillos” and you can build a complex linefollower robot.

  • FuracosNano


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    Furacos Nano is intended to program bootloaders using ArduinoISP. It is also used as a reduced mainboard on Furacos platform.

  • Caparrucia Robot

    Caparrucia Robot: Side View

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    Caparrucia is a little robot based on Arduino. Easy to assemble and easy to extend its possibilities (is compatible with our Furacos platform).

  • ArduPRENDE


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    ArduPRENDE is the gateway to Arduino environment. It have the SHIELD format and includes: LED, buttons, buzzer and communication ports.

  • raspiPRENDE

    raspiPRENDE is used to start on electronics quickly

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    A HAT for Raspberry Pi to start on electronics and programming quickly and really easy.

Other educational products currently obsolete: Busgosu Robot (only Spanish info available).

Products for Raspberry Pi

  • ScreenPi

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    A 2.8″ touch TFT Screen for all Raspberry Pi models. When using the included manual it works as a Plug&Play Screen.


    USB SHOE v1.2 connected to a RasPi Zero 1.2

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    An USB expander for Raspberry Pi Zero without increasing the dimensions. It was successfully founded on Kickstarter.

  • Other products for RasPi


  • eBACAS next to the Sensor
  • eBACAS

    Whith the eBACAS (Enhanced Bed Autoleveling CApacitive Sensor) you can check the level of your 3D’s bed without touch it and it includes a connector for redundant safety contact.

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