The Raspberry Pi board needs a SD to work but the SD is too large. With this adapter you will prevent a rupture and your Raspberry will be smaller.

This product was designed for original Raspberry Pi boards.
Actual versions doesn’t need this adapter.

Your Raspberry without adapter
Without adapter doesn’t fit


  • The adapter works with any kind of microSD.
  • You can change the Micro-SD without extract the adapter from Raspberry Pi.
  • Our adapters fits in most cases without problem.
  • All products are tested before shipping.

NOTE for non Raspberry users: If you have other gadget with same slot as Raspberry has, this adapter will work but regular devices slots (like cameras) are different and this adapter won’t fit. Of course this adapter works perfect with Raspberry Pi (models A and B).

Compatibility: If you are unsure of how your microSD works with this adapter, you can test with a standar adapter (they commonly sold with the microSD and have the size of a SD).

There are available two versions of this product, called as v1 and v2. The difference is that second have a 90º rotated connector.

Adapta-Pi v1 (no rotated)

Adapta-Pi v2 (90º rotated)

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