Whith the eBACAS (Enhanced Bed Autoleveling CApacitive Sensor) you can check the level of your 3D’s bed without touch it and it includes a connector for redundant safety contact.


The board has a triple connector to connect the capacitive sensor (PNP type) and a 12V power input to feed the sensor.

The signal that is sent to the RAMPS is in connector pins and they need to be attached to the “+5V – S” pins that are marked as “END STOPS” at RAMPS board.

For proper configuration, setup instructions are provided where it is explained how the file “Configuration.h” must be edited.

If you already have a PNP Capacitive Sensor that works to 12V you can buy just the eBACAS board without the sensor on our shop.

(in Spanish by the moment)

A couple of eBACAS
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