We offer several alternatives to create products:

  • Turnkey Project: Manufacture is not made by Diableco, we only do the design (visit the link for more info about it).
  • Your product: we manufacture your product exclusively for your company.
  • Private Label: your logo on some of our products (only available in a few of them).
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  • Your product

    To resume this type is a outsourcing of production while the product commercialization is made by your company.

    Diableco designs and manufactures the product you want to market but there is no references or marks that aim to be made by Diableco, there is only the Marketer Brand is present.

    The manufactured units are delivered to the seller finished and ready to sell.

Through exclusivity, non-competition and confidentiality clauses the entire product design belongs to you and a product made by “your product” can not become a “private label” product. These same clauses prevent us from showing examples about this service on this public webpage.

  • Private Label

    The main difference between the services “Your product” and “private label” is the exclusivity (your product will never available to sell by other companies from us) that is because you still own the design of your product.

    We remark this difference because there is a service called “private label” and some people were confused about it.

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To resume on a single sentence: “Your product” is a product that a manufacturer sells with your name and logos but is made by a third company (that is not identified anywhere).

Thanks to Diableco companies without experience in the hardware sector sell physical products easily.