Caparrucia Robot

Caparrucia is a little robot based on Arduino. Easy to assemble and easy to extend its possibilities (is compatible with our Furacos platform).


Caparrucia Robot Contents

The Arduino board can be programmed and you can extend the things that the robot do.

Battery powered

Caparrucia under the hood

It needs 4 standard AA batteries to work.

GVS/SVG Connector

Caparrucia's GVS Connector

The board have 8 ports compatible with Furacos, available pins include 4 analog, 4 digital and the ports serial + I²C.


Is really easy to assemble: only a screw driver is needed. All mechanical parts are included.

When Caparrucia is assembled all physical elements are accesible: the power switch, RGB, reset button and USB port. There is also printed help with all Arduino PINs used.

The robot have 2 sensor that reads the floor so it can follow a line made with any common 1.9cm black insulating tape.

Caparrucia Robot: Side View

Did you know that all Furacos Ladrillos work with this board? Explore the full range of Furacos platform.

Help and documentation

Complete tutorial of Caparrucia [Spanish]
Assembling the Caparrucia Robot {Provisionally only in Spanish}
Programming the Caparrucia Robot {Provisionally only in Spanish}

CaparruciaBot Contents

  • Electronic board
  • Arduino Nano compatible
  • 2x Motors
  • 2x Wheels
  • Wood pieces
  • Battery holder
  • DC Wire
  • USB wire
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