Caparrucia Robot: Side View

Caparrucia is a little robot based on Arduino. Easy to assemble and easy to extend its possibilities (is compatible with our Furacos platform).

  • Versatile

    Caparrucia Robot Contents
    The Arduino board can be programmed and you can extend the things that the robot do.

  • Battery powered

    Caparrucia under the hood
    It needs 4 standard AA batteries to work.

  • GVS/SVG Connector

    Caparrucia's GVS Connector
    The board have 8 ports compatible with Furacos, available pins include 4 analog, 4 digital and the ports serial + I²C.


  • Robot

    Is really easy to assemble: only a screw driver is needed. All mechanical parts are included.

    When Caparrucia is assembled all physical elements are accesible: the power switch, RGB, reset button and USB port. There is also printed help with all Arduino PINs used.

    The robot have 2 sensor that reads the floor so it can follow a line made with any common 1.9cm black insulating tape.

  • Caparrucia Robot: Side View

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    Did you know that all Furacos Ladrillos work with this board? Explore the full range of Furacos platform.

    Help and documentation

    Complete tutorial of Caparrucia [Spanish]
    Assembling the Caparrucia Robot {Provisionally only in Spanish}
    Programming the Caparrucia Robot {Provisionally only in Spanish}

  • CaparruciaBot Contents

    • Electronic board
    • Arduino Nano compatible
    • 2x Motors
    • 2x Wheels
    • Wood pieces
    • Battery holder
    • DC Wire
    • USB wire