What does “Diableco” mean?

In Asturian mythology is a mythological creature. This is a elf that can perform impossible tasks for humans. In addition, they are able to guess the future. Their name It is given because they can possess a human with which it it has been very angry.

For that reason we chose the name, our products are able to do impossible tasks for a human and a computerized thing can do it without problems. In the same way we liked to guess the future, today we call it ‘innovation’. A diableco clearly represents automation and innovation. But we, unlike the mythological being, we promise to comply the First Law of robotics by Isaac Asimov (more info on wikipedia) “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm“.

What about that logo?

“Diableco” is a very similar word from “diablo” (devil in Spanish) so it is a D with devil’s hallmarks. We appreciate the help from its author.

Diableco Logo

What is the complete name?

Our long and complete name is “Diableco Solutions” that is also the place of our corporate webpage because when we say that made IoT things we want to show that we also know how internet works so we decide to use one of the new domain extensions on our corporate website that is:

And yes, is our name and .Solutions, no a common extension like .com or .es

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