Our services include, among others, Technological consulting, R&D, Engineering and Rapid Prototyping.
We can resume in only one word: flexibility.

  • Projects

    PCB over a printed project

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    Turnkey proyects frees the client from the workload because it receives a 100% finished product accompanied by its complete documentation.

  • Product Design

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    Do a new product from scratch is not an easy task but at Diableco.Solutions we have extensive experience making new products.

  • Upgrades

    Old and abandoned lathe

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    Upgrade industrial machinery implies automate certain parts and the need to add sensors and that means new electronics. See examples.

  • Electronic Engineering

    Sample of a designed board

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    Diableco is primarily an electronic engineering whose members have wide experience in the sector. We also have high specialized tools.

  • Prototyping

    Handmade LilyPad

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    At Diableco we make prototypes, from electronic boards to complete products. The best way to test your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Consultancy

    People with computers

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    Each client and each company are different, at Diableco we adapt to all situations and we help to solve technological problems sharing our expertise.

  • Formation

    Basic elements to turn on a LED

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    Our presentational courses are mainly oriented to SME and educational institutions to train new educators in Electronics. We also have educational products.


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Thanks to our advice we create value in all solutions offered.